26 May 2008

Phoenix on Mars, alive and well and sending pictures

JPL hits another bull's-eye.

Congratulations, folks, and don't forget to get some ice there!

Update: A nice set of pictures here, with a priceless commentary from someone that calls himself (quite aptly) Spaceman:

First, the money is spent here on Earth, not Mars. Remember, nerds have to eat too!
Second, some day they will discover that creaters come from hot interal gases - not meterites. So, why do they think that oceans of water formed on a planet with very little atmosphere, covered with hot lava, and shows no signs of life - above or below the surface, as they will find. ( cold CO2 is not cold H2O)!

Why is it that the engs. can do such a good job just so the scientist can totally screw it up?

Just one question - Why would anyone inside a candy storewant to go out in the street to look for candy?
Mmm... candy... I like candy.