05 May 2008

The sick Pappe strikes again - whoops, it's a coincidence!

Ilan Pappe, the ex-Israeli professor of (what he considers) history, a pro-boycotter and fierce anti-Zionist, has been interviewed by a neo-Nazi newspaper. Quite extensively.

Needless to say, a profuse explanation ensued (read the linked article), and there is not a lot to say. Instead, I shall just quote a succinct and to the point summary by David Hirsh from the linked article.

Whoops, it was a mistake! Oh well that's OK then, could happen to anyone. Except it doesn't happen to anyone, does it? It happens to anti-Zionists rather alot. Which is a strange coincidence, because antizionism has no connection whatever to antisemitism, does it?

It was coincidence when it happened to the AAUP as they were preparing to sit down with the boycott campaign in an Italian villa.

It was coincidence when Mearsheimer and Walt, as well as Tony Judt were feted by former leader of the KKK, David Duke.

It was a coincidence when George Galloway ended up in the same Syrian TV studio as David Duke, arguing the same thing; and it was coincidence when Joseph Massad uses the same term "Jewish Supremacism" to describe Zionism.

It was coincidence when Mick Napier of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign relied on neo-Nazi websites to construct an apologia for the murder of Yeshiva boys in Jerusalem.

It was coincidence when his colleague John Wight linked to a Nazi website from Engage.

All these links between Nazis and antizionists were coincidence because there is no connection between Jew-hatred and Israel hatred.