12 May 2008

Sort of a quiz

Here are a few salient points from an editorial:

  1. Hizbullah and its allies have just pulled off what may well turn out to be a coup d'état in Lebanon.
  2. If Hizbullah's triumph is left unchecked by the mostly Sunni Arab world, non-Arab Iran will have moved a step closer toward regional hegemony.
  3. Latest intelligence assessments suggest Teheran could have nuclear weapons (and hard-to-overcome cruise missiles to deliver them) even sooner then originally feared.
  4. US President George W. Bush is scheduled to be here on Wednesday and Thursday to help Israel celebrate 60 years of independence, and also to push hard for a "shelf-agreement" between Jerusalem and an enfeebled Palestinian Authority.
  5. Egyptian intelligence chief Omar Suleiman is set to arrive to press the Olmert government to accept Hamas's offer for a Gaza cease-fire.
  6. Syrian President Bashar Assad may be growing impatient over the Golan Heights.
Now, if you have remained seating near you computer, instead of being already at your medicines cabinet groping for a strongest tranquilizer, here comes the punch line (notice the capital letters - that's for you, visually impaired):
CLEARLY, THIS is not a good time for Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to be focused on anything but running the country, addressing a vital range of security, foreign policy and (let's not forget) domestic agenda issues. There is also the matter of his cancer that must be attended to. But realistically speaking, how can he be paying complete attention to his job and his health while under multiple investigations by police and prosecutors?
Now comes the quiz:
  1. Where was this editorial published?
  2. Who is the author (but don't overextend yourself on that count)?
  3. And the last one: in a country not besieged in such a horrible way (say, Switzerland), would an (allegedly) thieving person with an (alleged) prostate cancer be a better candidate for the post of PM?
All the answers here.