28 May 2008

Olmert-Syria: anal-ysis

Liza has returned from that funny place named Florida and has already produced a few posts of high value*, the recent one dealing with The Little Ass that Could.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is a man who is clearly preoccupied with his own ass.
This is undoubtedly one of the truest statements of the 21st century. If only for health-related considerations Liza forgot to mention, but of course for many others as well, not the least of them being the law and order watching the above mentioned backside with renewed vigor. And even intending to do to it (the backside) something painful**.

On the other hand, there are people who may disagree with the suspicion that "the entire peace initiative vis-a-vis the Syrians is nothing more than a media spin produced by Olmert to save his seat".

Then there are people who are thrilled by the whole idea of Syria-Israel rapprochement much less than, for instance, by an idea of a moderate attack of smallpox.

What can I say? As a known softie, I think that the truth is somewhere in the middle between Liza and Israeli Mom. I can hardly believe that the entire peace initiative is a sham, started by Olmert in advance to preempt the attack on his ass, but I am quite sure that the announcement about the negotiations (that are currently in much less than half-baked state) was timed to do so.

But I am in total agreement with Liza's prediction:
And, as is often the case when asses are involved, sooner or later, the shit will most certainly hit the fan.
What then? The only advice for that eventuality will be:


(*) Although that remark related to the consequences of men's poor aiming ability in the bathroom doesn't have much to do with travel to foreign parts, I submit. A man must do...

(**) Here and in the whole post the word "allegedly", while not being placed explicitly, should be applied implicitly to every statement. And, indeed, to every word. I wish to keep my backside out of legal vise, lest it is not clear to somebody.