14 May 2008

Of JC, crocs and cabbage

Some of our more attentive readers may have noticed that the post Lesson well learned was signed by JC. Some of our less attentive readers decided that (as was usual lately) the post is written by me. Not so.

It was an omission on our side not to mention this significant reinforcement earlier, and to remedy this omission - please welcome JC - the new and very talented member of the Elders' organization. Some of you who are more Internet-savvy can dig up a lot of information about JC, and in the spirit of openness that permeates our outfit lately, I can say - good luck to you, folks! In fact, most of what you need to know about him is here. And here. And... go read it all, in short, I am not a cross-reference machine.

Anyhow, re that spirit of openness that permeates: even Mossad and Shin Bet, our less important executive branches, have their own Web sites by now, so why not allow more information about Elders to flow? Especially when the information is so confusing... So, if you were afraid of the Elders yesterday, do not be afraid today. Be scared to death.

Now about crocs. Re the question "Excuse me, Snoopy, but what in the world is a Croc?". Ehehe... What can I say? This is a question I have been asking my youngsters a few years ago. It is clearly a mistake on the part of the Elders. We haven't been watching them closely enough, and here is the result:

Originally intended as a boating/outdoor shoe because of its slip-resistant, non-marking sole, Crocs introduced its first model, the Crocs Beach, in November 2002 at the Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show, selling out the 200 pairs produced at that time. As of 2007, the product line has remained popular, indicated by high sales growth, and has the characteristics of a sustained fad, with both ardent support and disapproval.
Since we are right now in process of dealing with this phenomenon, I can only say that I am a (suspicious) owner of a pair of Crocs:

Again in the spirit of openness - I have chosen the carrot-colored ones, the easier to be detected from a search helicopter in the desert. And to frighten toddlers.

As to the cabbage: cabbage contains a lot of effing vitamins and stuff and is supposed to be awfully good for your health. Otherwise I don't have a slightest bloody idea why I am mentioning it. Sorry.