20 May 2008

Six Word Memoir

I was tagged by A.Decker for a devilishly hard task - to produce my memoir in six words. He probably forgot about it already, I couldn't - this gnawed at me for almost two months. First of all, he has done a superb job - In My Youth There Were Dinosaurs is unbeatable. I could say that in my mature dinosaur years I have crossed paths (most probably) with A.Decker, but firstly it's much more than six words, and secondly - is a plagiarism in its purest. What remained is one of the toughest writing tasks possible. Six words is about four words too many for my bio. "Nothing special" will be as succinct and all-encompassing as anything. But... anyway, I have been seeking truth, an the truth is stark:

Striving to be the best smoker

So there, and may the truth be known. Now to the tagging part:


Hak Mao


Soccer Dad


(All of you - don't tell me you are innocent, OK?)

Update: Meanwhile, the best memoir so far comes from Akaky Akakievich:


(He is an optimist).