31 May 2008

Was William Shakespeare a Jewish woman in disguise?

Oy vey. They are onto us.

Amateur Shakespearologist John Hudson is not the first to question whether the actor William Shakespeare was actually the author of the body of work we've come to know as his, but Hudson is the first to suggest that the true author was a Jewish woman named Amelia Bassano Lanier.
They even have a picture there:

Of course, these anti-Semites from AP made it available, no wonder. So we can freely publish some of the colorful history of the lady in question. She was earlier known as King Solomon:

(All these hundreds of wives were just a cover story for a first militant feminist party in the known history).

Some of the years spent on the "Shakespeare" job she was also part-timing as young Oliver Cromwell:

(I took a lot of effort for her handlers to persuade her that the wart is necessary for the projected impact on British history).

There is a lot of other vital jobs the lady carried out in between, but some of them are still too sensitive to be published. On the other hand, we were allowed to talk freely about the latest one.

She was always asking for an assignment in France, and we have never got to it before. So there...

The only question is: now that all this is out - what it will do to the Brits?

Oy vey...