09 January 2015

Who Teaches Western Politicians?

Mr Molchanov does.  Perhaps I should say Professor, Academician Molchanov, PhD, PhD.  Soviet-born, US-educated political scientist teaches  at St. Thomas University in Eastern Canada.  In his spare time he writes books about Ukraine and Russia and regularly appears on RT (formally Russia Today).

What follows is a rather interesting discussion on Twitter, which span several days and ended with Prof Academician advising his opponent, that the latter is a "schmuck".  It's actually rather cool having this accurate fact in writing from Dr Academician, PhD, PhD, PhD.


Dick Stanley said...

Maybe. But from what I've seen the judge, i.e. the court, determines whose lawyers are better. Instructions to disregard, etc. Contempt decrees can shut up even the best.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Well, not a long wait now till the first clash.