03 January 2015

Lisa Haven says: This United Nations Takeover of America Will Anger You to the Core!

I think that this headline alone should keep a man busy for like a day. Here is a link to the full text, and you better heed it, fellow Americans. Or else. These pristine-white UN trucks are coming to your house soon, you know.

Notice the cross formation used for storage. I bet the Pope is also involved.

Of course, Americans will be angry when UN takes over, I bet. But it will be too late. What with 6ft lizards crawling all over their yards and UN jackbooted thugs on every corner...

And, in the related news, to add insult to injury:

Finally! Scientists Discover a Virus that Makes People Stupid and it Has Already Infected Half the Population!

The only question remains: which half? The one where you and I are or the one shared by Lisa H.?



Jews/communists are censoring like never before. REAL CHRISTIANS AND REAL AMERICAN CONSERVATIVES are being blocked from posting the truth about jewish ties to communism and 9/11.

Jews are desperately afraid of the backlash once the whole world realizes the horrific extent of their atrocities. They want people to have access to only their version of events, that's why they scrambled to take over all our major media after WW2.

Plus, all attempts to restrict the internet have been initiated by jews. So they can hand-pick what we see & what we don't. As they've been able to do with conventional media.


SnoopyTheGoon said...

That was mighty entertaining, DingleBerry. Now you shall see the censorship at its finest.