28 January 2015

Putin Repeats Stalin's Lie At the Jewish Museum

Today at the Holocaust ceremony in Russia, Putin decided to promote the old Stalinist lie: 

Of course, the main burden of the fight with Nazism was carried by the Russian people, 70% of all fighters of the Red army, officers - they were Russian people.  And the main sacrifices to the altar of Victory came from the Russian people.
This statement almost word for word repeats what Stalin's propagandist Shcherbakov said in January 1942: "The Russian people-the first among equals in the USSR's family of peoples - are bearing the main burden of the struggle with the German occupiers".

Here is why this is a lie:
  1. In terms of contribution to the victory, Putin's claim altogether ignored the role of the allies. Because the Red Army took horrible losses in the theatres of fighting, its ranks were filled by local Belorussian and Ukrainian conscripts both in the beginning and at the end of war. The deported people of Caucasus and Crimea had seen a higher percentage die in the Red Army than had the Russians. Jewish soldiers had been more likely to be decorated for valor than Russian soldiers.
  2. In terms of "burden" and "victims" even if we take only Soviet Union, more Jewish civilians were murdered by the Germans than Russian civilians, even though Jews represented only 2% of the population. For that matter, Poles, Ukrainians and Belorussians suffered more than Russians.


d.agut said...

I'm sorry, but you live where, exactly? Israel? That's about 7,000 miles from Argentina, if I'm not mistaken? Do you have any idea *at all* what is going on in this country?
You know, every serious analyst of Israely Embassy/AMIA bombings considers the "Iranian trail" a sham--people like Jorge Lanata, who is today ravingly anti-government; American journalist Joe Goldman, who published a book with Lanata about the bombings back in '95; Juan Salinas, who worked with the lawyers of the victims' families for three years and who also wrote the results of his investigation in a book; Gabriel Levinas, author of yet another book--look them up, these people aren't nutcases, they're career investigative journalists. Did you know that even opposition newspapers such as The Buenos Aires Herald honestly admit that Nisman's accusations are groundless? Did you know that the autopsy ruled out the possibility of murder? Did you stop to think that the Argentine government is the one party who would have least wanted Nisman's death? They government was rubbing its hands at the possibility of blasting Nisman's "evidence" in Congress and proving him a clown. Now, no matter how much the government explains, they'll never fully recover their image, since people like you with too much testosterone and too little brains assume Nisman=dead=hero and government=murderer.
Did you know that that in 2003 the Argentine prosecution requested the extradition from the UK to Argentina of Hade Soleimanpour, the former Irani ambassador in Buenos Aires, in connection with the bombings? Did you know that the Home Office determined there was not even sufficient evidence to keep him arrested prima facie, and had to release him and even pay him compensation, since the evidence presented by the Argentines was laughable? Do you think the Home Office is part of this conspiracy too?
Personally, I just think you shat your brains into your diapers when you were a baby.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Dear d.agut,

Thank you for penning this extraordinary comment. Although quite feisty at times (to be addressed later), your comment is a living testimony that there are a lot of people out there that 1) lack basic reading comprehension and 2) have a lot to say on subjects unrelated to the text they are commenting upon.

Probably the only (more or less) correct thing you said so far is about the distance between Israel and Argentine, which is 12,211 km (from Tel Aviv-Yafo to Buenos Aires) or (approx.) 7587 miles. By the way, as far as I know, in Argentine they use the metric system, so the use of miles is a bit strange.

Otherwise, you surely missed the point (or points) of this post by approximately the the distance between these two countries. If you had been able to understand the text, you might have noticed that the author of the post is not resolving the problem of "whodunit" - neither regarding the murder of Nisman, not re the Israeli Embassy/AMIA bombings. Moreover, I said in the post (quote now): "Of course, the reality sometimes is stranger than anything a thriller writer could concoct, and nothing is impossible."

The post as a whole is about a local Israeli scumbag and, as a person removed approximately 12,211 km from Tel Aviv-Yafo you can hardly advise me on what to think about such a scumbag. I know that there always is a possibility that you are a relative or a bosom buddy of the said scumbag, but don't expect an apology. You seem to be a good match for his logical skills anyhow.

As for your touching attempt to defend the Ayatollahs of accusation of murder, bringing in a lot of names as evidence: I don't even intend to argue with it, just notice that your buddy Margalit says in his wretched opus: "In the 1970s, the number of Jews murdered by the junta by Israeli-made arms was several times greater than the number of Jews later murdered by Tehran’s minions in Buenos Aires."

Since you have obvious reading comprehension issues, I will repeat again for your benefit: "murdered by Tehran’s minions". So there.

I don't really expect you to understand fully the contents of this comments upon the first reading, so you might want to give it several tries. While I am fairly confident from past experience that commenters of your ilk usually don't return to argue their points, who knows?

Now regarding your feisty language. I don't know you personally and neither intend to in the future. However, a character that writes such a long and rumbling comment, missing all the points and getting het up in the process to produce some pearls of dirtmouthing is worthy of attention. The genetic material such a person made of, while coming mostly from a leaky colostomy bag, must be studied in detail. If only to ensure in the future that timely abortions are performed to prevent appearance of more persons of same ilk.

Take care of yourself, you need care.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

And, since anything worth doing is worth doing good, here is an answer from a friend in Buenos Aires, much closer to you, my friend:

"Lanata is right on somethings and wrong on others. If a recall correctly the "book" he wrote about the AMIA case suggests that there was a bomb inside the building. Nudge, wink. Some of the familes are totally supportive of the government, so what? They are no more immune to the anti-imperialist claptrap going around thatn anyone else. And being the relative of a victim makes you the relative of a victim, nothing more. it gives you no special insights as to what happened or what should be done. Levinas is a very good guy in many respects but he is also a trot, I guess I don't have to explain how that colors his view."

I hope (against all hope) that it will straighten a bit that thing you have for a brain... and check your backside for a bomb in it. Judging by your temper, it could go off any time soon.