02 January 2015

50 shades of Iran: are the Tehran mullahs the kinkiest males on Earth?

The growth of feminism in the West and the fact that 60 percent of Western women prefer to sleep with dogs rather than men is the result of the absence of hejab and the diminished threshold of women’s sexual arousal.
...the absence of hejab lowers the libido of men and this would not benefit women.
In the West when one woman has relations with several men, they take pride in it...
But when our grandmother kissed us it felt like she was sucking us in.
Why did they send this woman Anousheh Ansari into space with a few men? They want to kill chastity.
This is just to develop your appetite. Read it all:

50 Shades of Iran: The Mullahs’ Kinky Fantasies about Sex in the West

Hat tip: Dave McAvoy.