08 January 2015

Mahmoud Abbas moves to join the ICC? He must be kidding, surely?

First of all this headline and the quote:

War Crimes Filed Against Palestinian Leaders at ICC

The Israeli legal group Shurat HaDin, the Israel Law Center, filed lawsuits with the International Criminal Court (ICC) on Monday against three Palestinian Authority leaders for war crimes, human rights offenses and terrorism.

The charges were filed following PA President Mahmoud Abbas’s move to join the ICC in order to prosecute Israel for war crime.
I really can't understand the reasoning behind that decision of Abbas. OK, it is clear by now to everyone that Israeli so called Hasbara sucks big time, never having a fighting chance against the deluge of petrodollars and the sheer numbers of unpaid Jew-haters and their sympathizers on the intertubes and on the streets. Our leaders do suck too - since the previous generation left the scene, the replacements were poor and even those quite hard to come by. Not that Palestinians had better luck...

But trying to go head to head with Jewish lawyers? Who could be so inept and inane to even dare?

Nitsana Darshan-Leitner. Lawyer.
Take a good look at that face, Mr Abbas. There is more than just pretty to it.

Shurat HaDin are waiting for you, just around the corner, sir. You have been warned.