29 January 2015

The IDF gender-related conundrum

Richard Millett, a man who goes where not many normal people dare, visited the joint Palestine Society and Feminist Society event held at the London School of Economics, one of the most prestigious universities on this planet. Accidentally, the event was held on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau. Here is what he witnessed:

Zena Agha portrayed Israelis as rapists of Palestinian women (see footage below). She said that “in Israel the view of Palestinian women is very derogatory and that rape had become a very prevalent idea. Rape for Israelis was almost a weapon of war against Palestinian women.”
So IDF is using rape as a prevalent idea (not sure what exactly this means, but one can guess).

This is another case where Palestinian supporters have mastered what some people of learning will probably call dichotomy. To give you a typical example: many of these supporters will deny that the Holocaust happened, only to regret on another occasion that Hitler didn't finish the job.

This is what happened to the issue of rape as well. First an elegant scientific construct is created, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that IDF soldiers don't rape Palestinian women. Because, you see, the Jooish view of Palestinian women is very derogatory. The theory spreads, its proponents get their doctoral degrees, publicity etc.

Then the opposite part of the dichotomy is embraced, and now IDF soldiers happily rape Palestinian women. Why? Oh, just because the Jooish view of Palestinian women is very derogatory.

Now you figure out a way for the Jooz the IDF to get out of this noose.

Thanks to Richard Millett, follows a recording of the new wave of Israeli atrocities described and decried.