18 January 2015

Apologies to our readers and to John Kerry

I don't really know how to go about it and even how to start this post. You see, apologies is not our shtick. "Fuck it, let's move on" is the usual thing we all say when some bloke gets hurt by that or another post.

But this case is special. What happened was beyond the pale. When this blog misses a clear and obvious point that simply glares in our faces... oh well, it's better to show than to keep carping. Here it comes: in the post about a distinguished CNN anchor (ex-anchor by now) who went into a mental meltdown I've compared him with a certain bird:

While there is some remote resemblance, the real doppelganger of that bird was hiding in plain view, invalidating the above comparison by the mere fact of his existence. So here he is:

That was inexcusable. Only time, sacrifice and patience will help in removing the stain of dishonor from this here blog.