20 May 2012

Majid Jamali Fashi: dead because of Wikileaks?

It is possible that Assange who, via good services of his buddy Israel Shamir, already caused torture and death of opposition activists in Belarus, can chalk up a new "achievement": this time in Iran.

WikiLeaks may have been responsible for exposing Majid Jamali Fashi, the 24-year-old kickboxer who was hanged in Tehran on Tuesday morning after “confessing” to assassinating a nuclear scientist on behalf of Israel, a British media report said.

The Times of London reported Wednesday that a document from the US Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan, seemingly drew attention to Fashi. The September 2009 US diplomatic document — identified by the code 09BAKU687 — quotes an Iranian source who was a licensed martial arts coach and trainer as describing to his American contacts pressure from the Iranian regime to train soldiers and militiamen in martial arts.
Wikileaks' minions vehemently (and using too many words, if you ask me) denied their culpability. However, after reading this, their protest sounds somewhat smelly:
Fashi was reportedly in Baku for an international martial arts competition only days before the US Embassy document was written.

The suggestion is that the Iranian authorities identified Fashi as someone who was in illicit contact with the West on the basis of the document. He was arrested days after the publication of the document by WikiLeaks in December of 2010 and charged with carrying out the January 2010 assassination of nuclear scientist Masoud Ali-Mohammadi on behalf of the Mossad.
The timing strongly suggests a link between the events, and if you check the leaked document in question, you shall see that, while the name of the source was indeed redacted, the words "licensed martial arts coach and trainer" are left untouched. How difficult it will be for an intelligence service to connect a certain licensed martial arts coach, a trip to Baku and the leak?

Whatever Julian Assange and his cohorts think about themselves, no matter how they hail their "fighting the bastards" - they have become a bunch of dirty and unscrupulous bastards in their own right.

Hat tip: Louise the Stubble Jumping Redneck.


Dick Stanley said...

Gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet, you know. Especially a fight-the-bastards omelet.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I wish the creeps in Wikileaks got paid in the same currency.