19 September 2009

Maradona - now sans earrings

Do you see the earrings in this picture of Diego The Hand of God? No more earrings, since Italian tax authorities are watching his comings and goings like a hawk, each time stripping him of some item of value.
Italian police have seized earrings from Argentina's football coach Diego Maradona in an effort to recover unpaid taxes from his playing days at Napoli.
The previous time it was two Rolex watches. Now it is earrings. There is a noticeable downward trend, like everything in Maradona's life, including the fortunes of the Argentine football team.

I guess his bosom buddy Comical Hugo will have to buy him a replacement. Although, if I were Maradona (which I am thankfully not), I would check the replacement at a jeweler's - Hugo is not above buying a cheap zirconium fake.

So watch it, fatso... oops.