31 January 2011

Psychopathology of anti-Israel discourse

On what must have been a pleasant autumn evening, a group of moderately educated young people met and discussed favorably the following propositions:
  • The Red Cross is a bad organization because it is neutral. Neutral organizations are bad.
  • The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a sexist document.
  • The Middle East peace process is bad for the Arab Palestinians.
  • Foreign aid is bad for the Palestinians.
  • The sure path to liberation of the Catholic Philippines and gay people is to join the cause of Muslim extremism and wipe out Jewish self- determination.Only Zionism stands in the way of liberation of these oppressed peoples.
  • Bad people are always white and probably Zionist. Good people are colored and are therefore oppressed.
This meeting did not take place in the closed ward of a mental institution or in Kim Il Sung University in PyongYang, People’s Republic of Korea, but in an American University campus financed by the state of California. The attendees were undergraduates and graduate students, America’s leaders of tomorrow.
Yeah... but read the whole post by Ami Isseroff.


Dick Stanley said...

No surprise, though it's nice to see it in print.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

It's written by a good person. Practically proven quality, that.