14 January 2011

Christianity: is it Western or what?

According to Vatican Radio, there was a powwow with the diplomats in Rome, where "Pope Benedict spoke about religious freedom, and lamented the violence against Christians in many Muslim countries." Of course, a wily Brit (who else) had him an idea about how to sweeten the pill in discourse on Christianity with all kinds of Eastern heathens. Here is the gist of Mr Bedford's (or is it The Hon. Ambassador, the heck I know...) idea:

He added there Is a danger in presenting Christianity as too closely associated with the West. “That could, if the West took the concept of Christianity under its umbrella, provide a reason for extremists to continue to divide those societies…we would seek to avoid that, if possible,” he said.
I wanted to help and had me an even better idea: why not blame the Jooz Zionists in all that Christianity brouhaha? Firstly it's true; secondly, the interested party will accept it wholeheartedly, what with their blaming the Jooz habitually; and lastly, it will point them heathens in the right direction, if and when, you know...

Oh, and of course, them Zionists are not in the West, which helps a lot too.

Feel free, folks.

Hat tip: Blazing Cat Fur.