21 January 2011

Knights of Malta vs Seymour Hersh

Or is it the other way around? Whatever, the New Yorker's conspiracy buff lost it finally, it looks like.

Loonies of the world, unite!


jams o donnell said...

Excellent news. It's good to hear of aconspiracy featuring the Knights of Malta. THe Templars are just so last Tuesday.

On the other hand I can't se Opus Nazi getting involved in this.. where would they find time away from all the self flagellation and hair shirts?

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I agree, the Templars are  too tattered by now. The Opus Dei, on the other hand, have their finger(s) in every pie. The get around, in spite of their business.

maryt said...

Just want you to know snoopy, that I appreciated the articleon Hersh and the Knights of Malta. Have you ever read the DaVinci Code, huh?

Dick Stanley said...

Poor Seymour. He isn't the first to notice, ruefully, that American FP marches on regardless of who is (allegedly) in charge.