07 March 2014

"Anti-Russian" article = crime against the state

I wanted to say that reading an article in Izvestia, I felt the smell of sulfur. But no, upon second thought. It was rather a curious mix of sulfur, burning fragrance candles (or whatever Inquisitors used at the time) and poorly cured leather of Soviet jackboots, NKVD issue.

OK, enough lyrical asides, here comes a quick and dirty translation of the first two paragraphs from that article, titled Anti-Russian articles by journalists will be considered a crime against the state.

State Duma member Yevgeny Fyodorov ("United Russia") is preparing a draft law on amendments to the Administrative and Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, as well as amendments to the laws against terrorism and extremism. According to the author of the amendments, the purpose of the amendments is to establish administrative and criminal liability for media executives, "which allow publication of false anti-Russian information, provide information and support to extremist and separatist anti-Russian forces, including the coverage of events beyond the borders of Russia."

The reason for the introduction of the bill is multiple publications in the Russian media, in which the authors, according to the MP, used incorrect historical analogies and interpretation of events in Russia and the Ukraine coup.
Now, my dear reader, what do you smell?