15 July 2015

Nuclear deal with Iran: the smiling and the exhausted

The subject is and will be widely discussed for the duration, and yours truly has nothing to add on the subject. Just to record a few wrinkles on the reality's ugly face.

To start with, about the worth of the agreement:
Transparency: Iran will give more access to its nuclear program to the UN nuclear agency. If that agency identifies a suspicious site, an arbitration panel with a Western majority will decide whether Iran has to give the agency access within 24 days.
No matter what else is written on the rest of the 100+ pages of that document, the quote is enough to reduce it to a pile of worthless crapola.

As for the main driving force behind the agreement:
Maybe the real benefit, at least from Obama's perspective, is that the nuclear deal will pave the way for America's full exit from the Middle East. After more than a decade of war and nation-building, the region is less stable and more dangerous than it was on 9/11.
Perhaps we have reached the limits of what American leadership can do in that part of the world. But if that's true, Obama should have the decency to level with us about it. This deal is not an affirmation of American leadership. It's a recognition of American exhaustion.
There is a war expecting us down the road, ladies and gentlemen, a big one at that. But hey, that pre-paid Nobel Prize must be redeemed...


Sennacherib said...

"There is a war expecting us down the road, ladies and gentlemen, a big one at that."
You've got that right. I know you've got some problems with Netanyahu, but I will say he's one of the few to speak up publicly about this. Boy oh boy, it's one thing to play around with social engineering and feel good politics at home, but when you're in the arena with the likes of Khameini you better know that your opponent doesn't care a whit. Well when your gambling with other people's lives and treasure it just doesn't mean as much to you.
Oh, that war when it comes, isn't going to be some regional affair that gives some the "fainting spells", it'll be like you say "a big one" in the old fashion sense.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I guess that war will happen after Bibi, in all probability. This country will need someone younger, with more oomph to deal with Iran. Not that I see someone like that on the horizon...

Sennacherib said...

Well, you can hope that the situation itself brings forth that someone to deal with it. May times it does.