23 July 2015

Kim Jong Un: another step to stardom

The building of the Juche-based power under the relentless and ever-wise field guidance of the Marshal Kim Jong Un made another historic step forward in its triumphant march against the dark powers of imperialism and its inhuman and bellicose policy.

As can be seen in the picture, the DPRK industry produced the first fighter jet able to carry to hitherto unseen heights the eternally corpulent body of the dear Marshal Kim Jong Un. This will allow Marshal Kim Jong Un to direct his field guidance at any Juche-inspired household, factory or military unit instantaneously and thus lead DPRK to further summits of glory.

In the picture: two members of song and dance people's ensemble "Juche Forever" present the dear Marshal Kim Jong Un flower arrangements to celebrate the achievement. Two members of Marshal Kim Jong Un General Staff take a measure of the Fearless Leader's posterior for the field guidance inspired design of the jet fighter seat.


Dick Stanley said...

How touching. They built a new version of an old fighter. Why are the song-and-dance girls in flight suits? Surely they aren't the pilots.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

1. It is not a wig, it is an animal. I swear I have seen it moving in some recordings.

2. The generals - they indeed will be done for is the Fatso ever sees this picture.

3. The girls are the real pilots, it was just my creative interpretation of the scene ;-)

Dick Stanley said...

What??!! The girls are the pilots. Heh. That's rich.

Dick Stanley said...

Could be the generals are tittering because they see dear leader is holding a 1911 behind his back which he plans to use on the song-and-dance girls.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Do they? I hope their missiles are of average Russian quality.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I seriously doubt the Marshal knows how to use one. So far he used his helpers to execute his own relatives.

I still suspect the generals laugh at the size of his backside.