09 July 2012

Please, Mr President, think again about giving back Maher's $1M

Dear Mr President,

I really can't restrain the urge to write to you and to post this letter for all to see. I know that it's not a new subject and that it could be considered something of a dead horse. I assume that the money received by your Super PAC sometime in February of this year from Mr Maher has already gone to outer space via the TV and radio frequencies and by now could be reaching some other inhabitable (or not) worlds. I also know that one of your representatives already publicly and firmly refused to consider giving the money back - well, under a flimsy excuse that a Republican supporter said something unprintable too.

However: you must take into consideration that something happened to me yesterday, creating a problem that only you are able to alleviate. You see, searching for an old post of mine I have stumbled upon another old post of mine. And the post in question, titled Bill Maher on vaccination: we have to debate this..., which used to revive my general feeling of disgust, this time filled me with a spectrum of feeling in the broad range between horror and foreboding. Well, and disgust too, not to forget. Please try to read that post, busy as you undoubtedly are - and don't miss the attached clip.

You see, dear Mr President, as the things stand now, you have received a round sum of $1M from an utter moron, a self-inflated bag of ignorance that may have caused an irreparable damage to the health of hundreds or thousands of children, whose credulous parents decided, on the spur of that moment, to stop inoculating them. All that during the five of so minutes of spewing pure unadulterated BS as seen in that clip. And, most probably, at several other opportunities.

In fact, Mr President, it would have been more logical to accept campaign donations from, say, the Grand Inquisitor than from this malicious malign mental midget. The former, at least, didn't cause direct damage to the kids of US you are responsible for. You can consult with somebody professional in your Department of Health about the consequences of refusing to inoculate children.

So, Mr President, please return the money, and in return I promise to vote for you, in spite of the fact that I will be doing this as an illegal alien. After all, I will not be the first one to do so and, anyway, a vote is a vote and no mistake.

Grateful in advance,

Your STG

P.S. I hope you don't mind that I signed the letter using a moniker. After all, I promised to vote for you, and we don't want the uncaring INS bureaucrats to interfere with this intention in any way. If and when the day comes.

P.P.S. Besides, if you need to, Mr Panetta and/or Mr Petraeus will be more than happy to provide my precise coordinates in the Little Satan territory.


Dick Stanley said...

Give back money? When he's having a hard enough time collecting it? Not a chance. He's even soliciting money in Europe, which used to be considered if not illegal, at least untoward. As for illegal voting, AG Holder is all for it.

lee said...

Just a note: the failure to vaccinate one's children not only endangers that child, but many, many other children--a certainnumber of people despite receiving vaccinations do not get immunity from that vaccination. Vaccinations work in congruence with "herd immunity." That us, if enough people are vaccinated, the immunity helps protect those who cannot receive the immunity from the vaccines. And the only way to achieve herd immunity is to make sure there is an EXTREMELY high rate of vaccination, at least close to 100%.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

That too ;-)

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Absolutely true, Lee. I didn't want to go on too much, but you are right - the danger is for the whole society.