09 November 2014

Poor Yelena Mizulina (Mizoulina) - time to say enough. But the idea of multiplying Putin...

This specific Russian lawmaker suffers the brunt of Ukrainian media onslaught for quite a long time. Starting with that story where she allegedly invited the Russian Jews to leave for their ancestral lands.

Now a new brilliant idea was ascribed to the lady by an Ukrainian site. Since Steph (Stephanie actually) Cockroft from the British Daily Mail got spoofed by that artice, she saved me the translation effort:
Yelena Borisovna Mizoulina, the Chairwoman of Parliamentary Commission on women's affairs, children and family, told colleagues that giving the president's sperm to would-be mothers would improve patriotism in Russia.

'Every citizen of Russia will receive by mail the genetic material of the president, to get pregnant from him and have a baby. These mothers will receive a special allowance from the state.'

Adopting the assumption that Putin's offspring would be male, she went on to describe how the children would be educated in 'special institutions that resemble Souvorov Schools' - a type of boarding school in the former Soviet Union.

The aim would be that the child would be 'devoted to the homeland and personally to the President of the Russian Fedaration', she said.

She added: 'Children born from the Russian president in the future will form the military and political elite of the state.'
Frankly, as spoofs go, this was a good one. Still a spoof, like the other one mentioned in the same Daily Mail article:
She also drafted a law prohibiting 'sexual intercourse in the territory of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol.' The law was not adopted.
More the pity. But one can always console oneself by that old and true one, where Ms Mizulina declared the iPhone to be the pedophiles' tool of choice.

So there. Poor Duma deputy Yelena Borisovna Mizoulina... or not so poor, who knows?