29 January 2012

Wayne Madsen drops another... bombshell: Barack Obama outed as CIA creation

This article, being an illustrious production of Wayne Madsen and using the word "bombshell" in its title, demands a self-quote. Which is a lowly act by any standard, but irresistible in the circumstances:

The picture above shows some kind of an overweight chipmunk doing his best to contain and suppress a humongous flatus. You can read more about Wayne Madsen here and here.

This time Wayne Madsen went for the bear and the beginning of the article promises it:

Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen has discovered CIA files that document the agency’s connections to institutions and individuals figuring prominently in the lives of Barack Obama and his mother, father, grandmother, and stepfather. The first part of his report highlights the connections between Barack Obama, Sr. and the CIA-sponsored operations in Kenya to counter rising Soviet and Chinese influence among student circles and, beyond, to create conditions obstructing the emergence of independent African leaders.
The next paragraph plunges directly into the murky waters of international intrigue and conspiracy:
President Obama’s own work in 1983 for Business International Corporation, a CIA front that conducted seminars with the world’s most powerful leaders and used journalists as agents abroad, dovetails with CIA espionage activities conducted by his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham in 1960s post-coup Indonesia on behalf of a number of CIA front operations, including the East-West Center at the University of Hawaii, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and the Ford Foundation. Dunham met and married Lolo Soetoro, Obama’s stepfather, at the East-West Center in 1965. Soetoro was recalled to Indonesia in 1965 to serve as a senior army officer and assist General Suharto and the CIA in the bloody overthrow of President Sukarno.
If you have enough gumption for it, you can read the rest of the article. However, beware - you subject your brain to a hazardous substance that may leave you impaired for the rest of you life. Especially if you seriously attempt to decipher the unique style of Mr Madsen.  The man has raised his guiding principle - that of interconnectedness of it all - to the heights where oxygen supply is scarce and where a mere mortal is not wired to exist. Simply speaking, everything is a sufficient proof of anything. If, for example, Wayne Madsen undertakes to prove that you have killed Adam, Julius Caesar and Pharaoh Hor-Aha - consider it done and prepare to do time. At least some time on Russia Today, where Mr Madsen found both appreciative employers and a specific segment of the Russian public, thirsty for scoops of the kind he so easily constructs.

As for the poor POTUS: you can safely leave him in Madsen's capable hands, after reading the following:
WMR previously reported on the CIA links of President Obama’s mother, father, step-father, grandmother to the CIA. Not much is known about Obama’s grandfather, Stanley Armour Dunham...
As you can see, Wayne Madsen is a busy little (hm...) bee and in a while the last fifty generations of Obama's ancestors will be outed as card-carrying employees of CIA. Unless, of course, some other paying customer decides to reveal the Obama's full and uncompromising allegiance to Knights Templar.

Or unless Obama's Jewish roots and, by default, his membership in the more ancient order of the Elders will have to be unearthed. Who knows with Madsen.

Now, my dear reader(s): if you feel quite satisfied - one way or the other with Madsen's peculiar and unique sort of crapola, please try to heed the following plea.

If you are a GOP kind of person or, in any way unhappy with Barack Obama, do your best to refrain from using Madsen's feverish discharges for any purpose whatsoever. It will only make you look ridiculous. Leave this pinnacle of idiocy to the only use it is fit for, which I, for reasons of self-censure, cannot describe on these here pristine pages*.

(*) And I don't mean Ron Paul's campaign, no sir/madam.


Shaun Downey (Jams O Donnell) said...

Well it is entertaining I suppose.... well I say entertaining in that it made me laugh!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

We can consider the goal achieved then.

David All said...

It seems that while 2012 hopefully will not be the end of the world, it will defintely be a bumper year for Nuts of all shapes and sizes.
Snoopy, if you want to have some idea of the history of paranoid conspiracy in the US; you should read the Richard Hofstadter's "The Paranoid Style in American Politics". 

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Hi David,

Re Paul: yes, I know about his newsletters, already linked to the stories before.

And thanks for the Jefferson episode, it is enlightening indeed.

As for Madsen: I suspect that he does his stuff by order, it is usually customized according to his client desires. Unless it's about CIA and Mossad, where he is pretty consistent, while entertaining.

Eugene P Podrazik said...

But, you know, this is Bam after all

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Er... yes, I guess so, but so what?

Sahil Khan said...

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CIAriggingElectionClick4Proof said...

 More long winded disinformation?

Mcuban oo8 said...

More lies and disinformations from you Feddie!

grayeagle1000 said...

What is so rediculous is the writer of this article above and his determination to smear Madsen only because Madsen is one of many Americans who are finally now onto Obama's concrete CIA facts of life. I plus so many others have personally researched the reality of Obama's dark blank mystery history that is so sealed up and I have never even heard of this madsen until a few days ago. Actually it is so obviuos that this is a bogus attempt to smear someone trying to tell the country something about obamas past. Who would go to such lengths to smear some whacko. NOBODY.cause Madsen is right on. Believe me, madsen is only one of manyblowing the CIA whistle. "If you are a GOP person please stay hush hush" . Give me a break. Advice from a non-GOP person obviously. How dare he call this a Bombshell, Then what is a bombshell? Exactly

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Bombshel - An explosive bomb or artillery shell.

Rediculous - maybe. Follow Madsen and in a few years (or months) you shall see small green critters under you bed. If you have a bed, that is.