09 January 2013

The "in-your-dreams-department" of wishful thinking

I mean, we already know this, but it's nice to get confirmation of the facts. The Times of Israel is reporting that "Recently, the Iranian government official Javad Karimi Qoddusi made a stunning admission: the armed wing of Hamas is not under the command of Hamas leaders Khaled Meshaal or Ismail Haniyeh. Rather, the primary military force in Gaza takes its orders directly from Iran." Now that that's clear, what does the writer, Max Samarov, expect to happen next? Nothing less than that "Countries that care about peace in the Middle East should use this statement to initiate an International Criminal Court (ICC) investigation into the ties between Iran and Hamas." My title, I believe, says it all.

Actually, Samarov isn't the "rose-tinted spectacle" type that this might imply. He's fully aware that the likelihood of Mahmoud the Mad and/or Ayatollah Khamenei appearing in the Hague in a starring role in the dock is at the "when hell freezes over" end of the scale. However, he does hope that an investigation might take place, which would reveal the full extent of the links between Hamas and their paymasters in Iran.

Trouble with this appealing scenario is that we know all this, and the crazies don't care. They'd either ignore the whole business, or shrug and say 'and your point is?' (because to them, Israel is guilty of whatever it is the fevered minds of their leaders have dreamed up this week) or dismiss it all as a put-up job by the West, or, more probably, the Israel lobby. However, it's an interesting read.

By: Brian Goldfarb