31 January 2013

On the alleged Israeli Air Force attack in Syria

The headlines are many and in part contradictory:

Starting with:

Israeli jets reportedly attack convoy on Lebanon-Syria border

Israeli jets hit Hezbollah-bound anti-aircraft missiles

Same from BBC:

Israeli 'air strike on convoy on Syria-Lebanon border'

But then the tune changes:

Syria confirms Israel bombed site near Damascus

And Syrians, supposedly, are all for this version of events:

Syrian TV: Israel bombed military site near Damascus

But, on the other hand:

Syrian opposition claims bombed site was used to develop chemical weapons; Syrian army denies report that convoy carrying weapons to Hezbollah was bombed...
Anyhow, it's a murky story, especially after that:

US official: Israel notified us about Syria attack

As one who follows the weather reports to know what to do with one's umbrella, I can tell you that I wouldn't let my dog out of the house these days, not to speak about attacking some convoy or a site that develops chemical weapons.

And I don't even keep a dog...


SnoopyTheGoon said...

You, a dog? This is a murky story, whichever and however the truth is.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Israel attacked Syria???? I'm shocked! Shocked!!!

SnoopyTheGoon said...


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Precisely my point. Just a media canards all that, I am sure.