09 January 2013

Oz blogger takes aim at Jeremy Bowen - and hits plumb center!

I have decided that Daphne Anson of Australia is my new best friend on the blogosphere! She's just posted this item, a list of New Year Resolutions for the western media (the BBC among them). They are a delight to read - note that Daphne has taken them from a CAMERA site, and they're none the worse for that. I especially liked no. 7, which finishes thus:

"The total area of land seized from [Jewish refugee from Arab lands] is five times the size of the state of Israel. ..."

There's not really not much more to say, is there? I'll leave you to read the rest of article (and perhaps follow her link back to the original CAMERA Report). The whole article is quite long, but well worth your time, I hope.

 By: Brian Goldfarb