03 January 2013

So you don't like them Ayatollahs too, folks?

If Reuters are saying this, it must be true:

Six U.S.-allied Gulf Arab states demanded on Tuesday that Iran end what they called interference in the region, reiterating a long-held mistrust of their main rival.

"The council expressed its rejection and condemnation of the continuing Iranian interference in the affairs of the Gulf Cooperation Council's states and called on Iran to stop these policies," the communique said.
So what are you doing about that, eh?

Flapping you kurtas mostly, I guess.


Dick Stanley said...

Might be wiser to start wearing body armor under the kurtas.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I guess there is enough room for some kevlar under the kurta. In fact a lot of stuff, offensive as well as defensive, could be squeezed there.