20 January 2013

"A clueless philo-Semitic goy" - not!

I couldn't resist this item, either, from normblog (see below). It's a link to an article by Tom Doran, who says of himself that "To my knowledge, I have no Jewish ancestry; I’m just another clueless, philo-Semitic goy telling you your business." As norm notes, whatever else he is, Doran is far from clueless.

The article linked to is from a journal new to me (but won't be from now on): it's called The Jewish Journal. Just shows you what pops up the moment you turn your back!

Be that as it may, Doran tells a fascinating tale of moving from an unthinking, unreflective anti-Zionist position arising from his parents hard (but not extreme) left position to one whereby he can describe himself as he does above. You know he's one of us (the sort who try and think things through) when you come across sections of his article such as the following: "the sad case of professor John Mearsheimer. Once he’d identified Israel as the chief source of American foreign policy woes (with partner-in-Jew-baiting Stephen Walt), it was only a matter of time before he plunged into the gutter with an endorsement of notorious Israeli neo-Nazi Gilad Atzmon."

He's even more interesting when he manages a wonderful paraphrase of that great Ben-Gurion quote about "fighting the White Paper as if there no war and fighting the war as if there no White Paper". It goes as follows: "Let us champion Israel’s right to defend herself, but not to the exclusion of mercy. Let us let complexity in. We will fight the occupation as if there are no enemies of Israel, and fight the enemies of Israel as if there is no occupation."

It's a long article, but one well worth reading. With critical friends like this, the battle's half won!

Now to go and add The Jewish Journal to my personal blog roll!

By: Brian Goldfarb