21 May 2016

While Venezuela is dying - stay classy, Salon!

While the tragedy of the quasi-socialist regime, built chiefly on cheap slogans and once booming oil revenues, continues to strangle the life out of Venezuela, the gurus of Salon.com still find the spirit and the energy to produce some unbelievable crap hailing the illusory achievements of the late Comical Hugo.

When a country goes socialist and it craters, it is laughed off as a harmless and forgettable cautionary tale about the perils of command economics. When, by contrast, a country goes socialist and its economy does what Venezuela’s did, it is not perceived to be a laughing matter – and it is not so easy to write off or to ignore. It suddenly looks like a threat to the corporate capitalism, especially when said country has valuable oil resources that global powerhouses like the United States rely on.
I bet that David Sirota, the author of this article, will be received like a savior by the people dying in Venezuela's hospitals for lack of basic medicines (but surrounded by cohorts of willing Cuban doctors).

"harmless and forgettable cautionary tale"...

Go boil your stupid head, Mr Sirota. Maybe some compassion will seep in, although I tend to doubt it.

Update: it was an article from 2013. Nevertheless...