15 May 2016

Patriot vs Patriot

An all around embarrassing situation was reported by Radio Freedom:

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday performed an inspection of vehicle "Patriot", manufactured by Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant for the Ministry of Defense. He could not get into the car, trying to open the passenger door that was jammed.

According to "Interfax", the chief of the Main Armor Directorate of the Ministry of Defense Alexander Shevchenko came to the aid of Putin. As a result of his assistance, the car door handle came off. Video of the incident appeared on the 'net.

As explained by developers, the door was locked due to the fact that the engine of the car was not started. They forgot to tell Putin about this feature prior to the demonstration of "Patriot".
Here is the picture of poor general (?) Shevchenko holding the wretched door handle:

And here comes the recording of the incident:

I don't know... Vladimir Vladimirovich is getting soft in his advanced years. His colleague Kim Jong Un would have already executed half of the employees of that Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant and three quarters of the Main Armor Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, starting with the good general, of course.