10 May 2016

A question to my British friends

From one confused foreigner.

During the few months before the last British local elections I have heard from most of my FB friends apocalyptic predictions re the imminent electoral disaster in wait for the Labour party under the fearless leadership of Mr Corbyn. The reasons, indeed, were many and good, such as (but not limited to):

  • Extreme left orientation of the new leadership.
  • The long list of extremist or outright terrorist organizations or states, such as Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas etc Corbyn refused to denounce or to cut his links with.
  • Support of mostly totalitarian regimes hiding behind socialist makeup (Venezuela and similar).
  • Inability to stand up to any of myriad human rights violations of Islamist regimes.
  • Inability to pronounce the word "Israel".
  • Employment of the unrepentant Stalinist Seumas Milne as a PR manager.
  • The purges of the party ranks of those who are insufficiently loyal to the new leadership.
And then came the unending list of the cases of open anti-Semitism among the prominent members of the party, the list that continues to grow as we speak.

So here we are, a few days after the elections. Of course, the opposite sides of the barricades try to present different pictures of the results, such as:
Voters do not see Labour under Jeremy Corbyn as a "credible party of future government," a member of the shadow cabinet has admitted.
By The Telegraph or:
Despite the huge attention paid to the performance of Jeremy Corbyn’s party, the Conservatives actually suffered a net loss of more than twice as many council seats as Labour, the final local election results have revealed.
By the Indy.

Whatever they say, the results, to my uninformed eyes, do not seem even close to the predicted disaster. While Labour took some drubbing in Scotland, it came out mostly unscathed otherwise, with a sound victory in London. Unless, and it is utterly possible, I just don't know how to read the numbers.

In short: correct me if I am wrong, comrades, but the British voters just don't seem to give a flying donut about the blood-boiling items (partially) listed above. And that includes this growing list of anti-Semitic Labour luminaries.

Am I right here or am I missing something?

Meanwhile, waiting for answers, I shall remain confused: