06 May 2016

How do the Elders get fresh blood of Palestinian children every morning

You might have wondered how do the Elders, while surrounded on all sides (well, except the Mediterranean, of course, but it is hardly a fitting source) by uncooperative neighbors, succeed in getting the fresh blood of gentile children for their obligatory healthy breakfast routine. Since the truth has already got out, here is the official corroboration (with permission from the Elders' HQ, of course):

For those of you who might have problem with that French text, here: "The zionists construct tunnels to kill Palestinian children". The author might have fumbled the technical side slightly. The children are not killed on the spot, of course, they are taken to a processing location where all the necessary tools and the required hygienic conditions are available. Not to mention the freshness factor.

With thanks to Jennanne Simpson.

For those with hardy stomachs: the author of the above pearl, one Oni.apt (you can look him/her up on Twitter easily) is producing hundreds of tweets on daily basis, it is simply unbelievable how far the hate and viciousness drive a person. Below are a few more examples of his (or his colleagues') creativity, you can see them after clicking "Read more".

The picture below doesn't have anything to do with Gaza. It shows an event that took place during the war in Lebanon, when kids were invited (perhaps misguidedly) to draw greetings to Hezbollah.

The crap below doesn't require any comments, it speaks for itself and for the deranged mind of its author and its distributor (s).