22 May 2016

Bibi: is the one-eyed man losing his eye?

That post, King Bibi - the one-eyed man in the land of the blind? was written a bit more than a year ago. To make it clear, it wasn't about the eternal right vs left issue - only about a politician losing some elemental moral scruples when his chair is endangered.

This year the same problem raised its ugly head again. Concerned above all by the stability of his government, Bibi has done dirty by one of his most stable supporters and partners. Again, I am not going into the rights or wrongs of the story that served as a fuse that exploded the smelly political bomb. I mean the story of the Hebron shooting of the already wounded and largely incapacitated terrorist. No, this is about the lack of common decency and more, about something already described in the post linked above: Bibi's inability to stand up to pressure. And I totally believe to what the outgoing minister of defense and the victim of Bibi's politicking has to say on the subject:
When the Hebron shooting affair just happened, Netanyahu had agreed with me that we needed to let the military prosecution investigate and handle this," Ya'alon told the website. "And then, when he noticed the public mood, he changed his mind. As a minister, I had to back the IDF chief, but I felt like Netanyahu abandoned me.
Emphasis mine. Notice - what drives Bibi is not the truth of the matter at hand, not the opinion of the army, not the ongoing court process - just "the public mood". The supposed leader of a supposed democracy bowing to the mood of the street... what could be added to that?

But this is not exactly new - just extremely sad.

"Not everything is politics," added Ya'alon in his parting speech. Bibi will do himself no end of good trying to remember that.