07 October 2014

Naomi Wolf and her two sources system

You may be curious why I have chosen to present two pictures of this illustrious lady, instead of only one. But, with a bit of patience, everything will become illuminated shortly.

To start with, a confession of ignorance: I just didn't know much about Naomi Wolf, and this lack of knowledge extends to the image. So, when I have seen her, obviously recent blond image on her Facebook page and her otherwise colored image in Wiki, I just wanted to make sure it's one and the same person.

And I have decided to follow Ms Wolf's own teaching about two sources, which is indeed the subject of this post. So there, you have the explanation of the double picture now.

As for the story: Ms Wolf came out with a smashing Facebook post, where she makes a statement on one subject and immediately adds another, even more explosive one. Here is the full text:
I stand by what I wrote today the videos of beheadings need to be independently confirmed before they are part of the historical record. They may well be completely accurate but there are not yet independent confirmations that they are accurate. On a larger picture note had an evening with a group of well-informed international attorneys and prosecutors. A Pakistani lawyer who is a fourth-generation scion of a major Pakistani political family explained what I keep hearing from many parts of the plugged in educated elite of the Middle East ISIS, he said, is grassroots Wahabism - the extreme and brutal version of Islam (many moderates say it bears no likeness to Islam.)

But these grassroots, uneducated, extremist people are funded heavily by a) Saudi Arabia b) Israel (!) and c) America. Why I asked. He replied Saudi Arabia which has 14,000 princes and princesses -- vast wealth -- wants to replicate its extremist version of Islam around the world for ideological reasons and have endless resources to do so. B) Israel has long had a policy of 'divide and conquer Muslim states and wants an alliance with Saudi Arabia and Egypt to go up against Assad and Iran (this is the third solid source we are hearing this 'new alliance from.) He said that Israel has heavily infiltrated the Egyptian army and security services by bribery, which is one reason Egypt did nothing for Gaza but close its borders. And C) America has several powerful factions Big Oil, war interests, right wing christians, AIPAC, the Armenians (!) who are trying to organize like AIPAC, and Arabists, who are the only groups who care about what happens in the Middle East. And they all mint money and prestige by having a brutal Muslim threat on the horizon.

He made the fascinating point that Israel benefits from funding ISIS too because the more brutal Islam looks, the better for Israel internationally. So the REAL struggle right now is…between extremist (wahabbi, Saudi-funded, etc) factions and moderate Muslims such as those responsible for the Arab spring. That is the news behind the news…so YEAH I want to source those videos properly.
So, according to this, a) we all need to double check the headcutting business and b) Saudi Arabia, Israel (!) and America are behind this. Of course, I am not qualified to comment on these revelations, I would like only to add an additional venue for thought. The beheading video recordings, done in the desert areas, could be easily concocted by Mossad people in Israel, showing a Saudi operative, trained by CIA in severing heads from the rest of the body.

Oh, and while we are at it, I would request (demand will be a better word) from CIA the data that proves that the above mentioned training was performed on humans and not on defenseless animals. Refusal to provide this proof should immediately get PETA involved.

Yes, and the gender question: all these clips don't have a single female beheader involved, which strongly suggests a possible male chauvinist bias in the ranks of ISIS. Should be addressed and treated ASAP.

And to prevent you all out there from laughing and/or calling the above presented theory baseless lunatic rant, here is a solid base for the above:
Very VERY bad, ISIS. But as my Iraqi source pointed out -- a bunch of angry extremists can not do this much harm without vast funding ….why is it odd to be open to what many parts of the world seem to be reporting -- that a) YES these are real crazed Muslim extremists and b) YES they are getting vast amounts of funding, PR skills, video editing technology, cameras, white tennis shoes, big black cars, Ninja outfits and face masks from…somewhere?
Bad ISIS, bad Saudis, bad Zionists and bad Americans... and another point to all that badness: these white tennis shoes. You would think that these bad powers what finance the whole shebang would use one of the reputable designer houses that could have prevented the horrible clash of colors the shoes create... I wonder that Ms Wolf, with her infallible fashion sense, failed to mention this.

But back to the two sources. It is a strict requirement, and Ms Wolf doesn't get tired repeating it:
For the record…sigh…internetland, I am not "calling into question the authenticity of the ISIS videos." I don't KNOW if they are authentic or not -- no one can -- because no one that I am aware of has found a second source for them. I am not making ANY assertions or drawing ANY conclusions. I am just…engaging in journalism which requires two independent sources before you can post or publish something as true. I wonder why this bears so much repeating….it used to be something all journalists abided by.
Yes, I am all for it, and here are some authentic additional sources:

NODISINFO ("Our mission is to provide information that isn’t twisted." Just like Ms Wolf, in fact):

Filthy Zionist Jews are Behind ISIS Terror Group

David Duke:

Horrors of ISIS Created by Zionist Supremacy

Iranian Press TV:

Zionism behind ISIL surge in Middle East

And, finally, a European pol:

And if you dare call one of these sources not authentic - go ahead, be it on your head. Anyway, as you can see, there is more than enough independent sources to add to the deposition by the Pakistani lawyer who is a fourth-generation scion of a major Pakistani political family. Case closed.

And now, with all the ducks in one orderly row, we can go back to the two pictures at the head of the post, two sources issue, the color clash question (see under tennis shoes), Naomi Wolf  and my irrepressible male chauvinism. The remaining question is: does dyeing your hair blond produce the same effect as if a person were born blond?

Just asking.

Addendum: Since I was told that the posts on Ms Wolf's FB page tend to disappear mysteriously or get changed even more mysteriously, I have taken snapshots of the posts quoted above and  placing them on this here page. So here (click on the relevant post if you need).


Dick Stanley said...

Two sources to publish anything? Hardly. A press release from the bigs will do. No questions asked. And innuendo is even better, eh Naomi?

Dick Stanley said...

Not to merntion the sterling value of unidentified Pakistani lawyer scions. What a gal!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yeah, that super-reliable Pakistani lawyer scion cracked me up too.

You know, she doesn't come through as someone with brains.