28 January 2010

Tammy Obeidallah, the Intifadagirl

A profile of an Anti-Zionist

I consider this post to be an exception, since warring with another blogger is usually a waste of time, besides it's frequently akin to pissing against the wind. But the subject is exceptional. Not in being anti-Zionist or anti-Semitic (and she is both), but in the level of visceral hate and the energy she expends in expressing both sentiments. In many other aspects of her behavior Ms Obeidallah is a typical flaming, unscrupulous and not very clever AZ/AS, and studying the case could be helpful in many ways. So bear with me, it's quite a long post.

The body of work

My interest in the subject of this post didn't start at the moment she left her comment on this opus. The post was about an obvious canard created by one of the Hamas' talking heads, and even the most avid supporters of that clique didn't give it a hand. Not Tammy, who readily provided a link to an article in Arabic that shows a bunch of puddles as proof of Jooish conspiracy to flood Gaza. Oh well, said I and moved to another topic. Or to a cigarette, I don't remember.

The name, however, rung a bell. Quietly at first, but enough to send me back to the keyboard in an hour or so and start googling. Even in the information age (or Google age, whatever) it is sometimes amazing how much data one can get clicking on the "Search" button. Of course, if one enters "Tammy Obeidallah" as a search string beforehand - capitals not strictly necessary. Wow... she is definitely a busy bee. But lets' try to start from the beginning - if it's possible.

Tammy Obeidallah's picture may come as a surprise to some of you:

It (the surprise) will pass after you learn that she is in fact Tammy Watts-Obeidallah, as she appears in some links. Looking perfectly Aryan, she suffers nevertheless from a Mediterranean malady, according to her own words:
I will be the first to admit I have a bad case of tunnel vision when it comes to the Palestinian conflict.
When you get to learn about Tammy's body of work, you will understand that the "tunnel vision" is just another name for obsession. To start with, her current blog - Liberate America* (guess who it is that America should be liberated from? Right). It is amazing, how in about 40 posts the lady succeeded to concentrate so much poison. Here are some choice titles: The Myth of Anti-Semitism, End Israeli Exemption to International Law, The Zionist Occupation of American Media, Operation Northwoods and the Israeli Connection to 9/11 ... And of course, the USS Liberty - related cartoon - a staple food for any good ole "anti-Zionist". And if you think that the habit of anti-Zionism Tammy nurtures is all there is, let's follow a few choice remarks - from this place:

As a retort to someone:
No, no one can call me anti-Semitic. I'm married to a Semite. That means an Arab, not a wannabe piece of eastern european trash.
(Hmm... eastern European trash. That would be Jooz, I guess, myself included.) That retort is so tired and so stupid that every anti-Semite on Earth has learned it by now. Of course, she will have to find an answer to "Jew-hater", but this is a bit too difficult for a person of her straightforwardness. And limited IQ, I should add, but more about this later.

Now a retort to someone else:
...wannabe Semite, you "Israel" - first traitors have nearly destroyed this great country [USA].
And as a matter of credo:
As far as being "out there," there is compelling evidence of Israeli involvement, or at least pre-knowledge of the 9/11 attacks that is being ignored in both the official version of 9/11 and by many of the conspiracy theories.
She doesn't miss a trick, does our Tammy? "Compelling evidence of involvement, or at least pre-knowledge" - go figure out that one... Taking into account that these quotes come from a single page linked above (not even opened to present separate threads), you can imagine the wealth and sauciness of other stuff there. Try to savor an example from here:
The only preparation you need is Preparation H after you get finished being the perpetual bottom of your Zionist gang-bang.
You can also understand that, of course, the only motivating factor for Tammy is her peculiar "tunnel vision" and not in any way that anti-S... thing. How could she, being married to a Semite? You may want to consider, on the other hand, that at least one of the offsprings of this marriage was named Ali Jihad. She explains to people who might misunderstand:
More importantly, "we" didn't name my son Ali Jihad. I, and I alone, chose the name. Actually I chose the name Jihad. The in-laws wanted to stick Ali on there to "soften it up a bit"...
Well, apparently Jihad's daddy is a softy. Too bad for him, because he is dealing with one tough spouse here. Ms Obeidallah doesn't give up easily. If she is caught in a lie, she doesn't retreat or try to forget, she keeps attacking. I have mentioned in the beginning of the post the Hamas' canard about Zionists flooding Gaza. After being caught in a lie, Tammy immediately produced a new post on her blog: Haiti Hypocrisy Hides Yet Another War Crime. Without producing a smidgen of new information (and she never links to any source, the more convenient to deny everything afterward), she repeats the "intentional flooding" crapola, adding verbiage and pathos. What could have been simpler than producing a photo of the offending Zionist dam, you may ask. Well, there is a hitch, of course - no dam, you see... But, in her own endearing manner, Tammy throws another accusation at the "Zionazis" (her favorite term for you know who):
Israel National News reported that tremors were created in the southern Negev in a joint project with the University of Hawaii and funded by the US Department of Defense. In the experiment, Israelis detonated 80 tons of explosive material to simulate the intensity of a magnitude 3.0 earthquake. Supposedly, this will help scientists improve seismological and acoustic readings to predict future earthquakes. It was not explained why the US Department of Defense was involved.
So, you see, the Z-people are not content with merely flooding their oppressed neighbors, they also create earthquakes in all kind of places, to provide help to the victims and to bask in the limelight. I wonder why Tammy didn't yet pick up the "news" about Z using the Haitian tragedy to harvest a few spare parts, as their habit of organ harvesting dictates. Well, she is a bit slow, as mentioned already... aside of one aspect: she is incredibly energetic in dissemination of her produce. Believe it or not, the "Haiti Hypocrisy.." stuff is already spread all over ten or fifteen sympathetic sites, and her outreach in general is unbelievable: even some obscure place titled "Middle East Poultry News" hasn't escaped the fate of bearing one of the Tammy's texts. She is inordinately proud of the fact that many an anti-Israeli outfit picks up her horse manure - see her self-celebrating comment to this post.

And lying is as natural to Tammy as breathing. You may learn about this habit from three posts on this blog. There is also some skinny on Tammy's adventures in Middle East. It is educational to learn how Tammy responds to disclosure of her lying - she creates a blog where she, instead of answering the points of disclosure, indulges in badmouthing the person that disclosed the facts. Even in this she slips: the blog is named The Battle of Wits Against Unarmed People. She must be the "unarmed people", since wit is definitely on the other side.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that Tammy's texts appear on openly Joo-hating sites like Judeofascism (no link in this case) - the name is self-explanatory.

But I think that this is enough about Tammys' creative side. Now to the:


So how has a Ohioan corn-fed girl got to where Tammy is today (a bitter Joo-hater and a pathetic liar)? Well, the patchy biographic data doesn't carry an answer to that question, but I don't have any doubt that she will willingly provide one - either in the comments to this post or in a diatribe on one of her own blogs and/or other venues.

The only other picture of Tammy I was able to find is of low quality. It is to be found (for now) on classmates.com site, where Tammy Obeidallah (Watts) appears as a graduate of Milton-Union High School, West Milton, OH (class of 1992). One can guess that the boy on the right is the famous Ali Jihad, son of Fadi and Tammy (married Feb 4, 2002, according to this church community publication - yes, apparently Tammy is a member). To return to the sources already mentioned, the circumstances of that marriage were somewhat scandalous.
Obeidallah married a man in Jordan in 2002, even though she and her “husband” couldn’t communicate — a fact observed by the US Embassy consul in Amman, Jordan when they originally denied his visa application.
Tammy didn't know Arabic at the time and couldn't even talk to her chosen one, but obviously love and anti-Zionism overcame a small issue of communication, bringing forth Ali Jihad. It looks like, since the hubby is mentioned in the church publication, Tammy and Fadi succeeded to break through the visa barrier created by ZOG, thanks to a timely appearance of Ali Jihad on the scene.

Tammy's professional career is a bit patchy. Here is her page on Linkedin (click on it to enlarge):

Not an overwhelming depth of experience, you would agree. Interesting to notice the first "position":
Imported rice from Kuwait to sell in Jordanian markets... Company no longer exists due to the U.S. invasion of Iraq.
There are no details on how exactly US invasion of Iraq hurt the export of Kuwait's rice to Jordan, but it must be a heart-wrenching tragedy, no doubt involving ZOG's bomb-laden B-52s descending on a defenseless Kuwaiti rice import/export company. We'll hear about it from Tammy, no worries.

Then there is an amazingly (or not, depends how you look at it) short stint of 1 year and 3 months in an Ohioan paper Daily Advocate, where Tammy held a lofty position of reporter/columnist.
Relied heavily on my real-world travel experiences in 41 countries to push my points.
How precisely world travel experiences help a person with a degree in Poli Sci from an obscure university in reporter's job is unclear, but we'll let it go. Of course, being an uncompromising sort, she is proud of her nonconformism:
Reveled in generating subscription cancellations in a mostly conservative area of rural Ohio.
Well, that at least explains the shortness of that episode. However, there is no explanation for the absence of any career-related info between March 2003 and May 2006. We think we'll be able to fill in the gap, but a bit later. At the moment Tammy reports on her well-being only in her Blogger profile. She has changed her location from the inhospitable (no wonder) prairies and hills of Ohio to South Gate, California. She lists her occupation as "Columnist", which means that the metamorphosis of the reporter larva into a full-blown columnist butterfly has been completed. It is unclear (Google keeps mum on this) whether she is employed anywhere at the moment and which newspaper has the honor of gracing its front (or any other) page by Tammy's column. Or, for that matter, what is the subject of the column, but this too will be known in time. Just watch the regions of California where the subscription numbers to a certain newspaper drop suddenly... Especially if she continues to sign off her articles with her typical:
I'm on to bigger & better things--as in people that actually aren't afraid of face-to-face confrontation (unlike you little anonymous keyboard warrior panty-wastes). So I will close as I began "Long live the intifada and Long Live Palestine!"
I would expect the articles being peppered by interminable "LOL" and "LMAO" she adds after any statement she considers definitive and winning.

That's it, more or less, on the background. It could be fascinating to study the opinions on Tammy from her Ohioan folks - friends and relatives, but after all the Tammy phenomenon could be explained by the genetically modified corn they use nowadays in US of A so widely... And now:

Tammy and the Tentacles of the Elders

Just to show Tammy that everything in this world is interconnected (and all the connections end up in the grubby paws of the Elders), here is a reminder about a certain lady that used to appear on a certain Guardian forum, bringing all kinds of exclusive tidbits about the latest atrocities of the Zionist entity (which she is fond on calling "Israel" - quotations marks included or Zionazis).

The lady went under a whole slew of monikers: Tammy, Miss-T, 4kittens, AlOwneh, etc, for a simple reason: her "contributions" to the forum were so frequently over the top, anti-Semitism - wise, that even the Guardian moderators, known for their leniency toward this specific misdemeanor, were forced to ban her.

Of course, getting a new e-mail address and subsequently a new nickname was a matter of a few hours, and then the mysterious lady was back, with more anti-Israeli "news", usually concocted by her and her ISM colleagues and so full of lies that even the usually sympathetic members of that forum were known to cringe - or to laugh, depending on the level of stupidity of the last "news" item.

Like her incessant griping about Microsoft Israel, that, according to her "inside information" is mostly occupied by semi-menial tasks due to backwardness and stupidity of them Jooz. Like her discovery, made after a terrorist shot up a family driving on highway 6, that the said highway is laid inside the occupied territory. Like her waxing lyrically about the crowning achievement of her life: being fed by the hand of "the gentle man", meaning Yasser Arafat himself (hopefully he used his right hand for the purpose). This last long and eloquent report had all its readers, pro- and anti-Israeli alike, rolling helplessly on their respective carpets, unable to stop laughing.

And so much more - the dame was a veritable fountain, nah, a volcano of bullshit. I wonder whether she is still active on that forum, and what kind of crap she is feeding to the captive audience. Just to demonstrate some typical contributions of the period (strangely overlapping the gap in Tammy's bio above):
Yes, I do hate Israel but I haven't lied about anything. all I've done is tell the truth.
On the murder of an American citizen, Shoshana Greenbaum, in a suicide bombing:
I'm sure she blended right in with the Israelis and there is no doubt that she supported them.
When a mighty irritated reader has written to her: "You share the same ideology that led to the murder of 6 million Jews", she promptly responds: "Funny, I didn't think they had internet or talk boards back then."

Granted, the quotes above don't demonstrate the mysterious lady's intellectual superiority, but they adequately display the visceral hate, already mentioned in this post. It so happens, coincidentally of course, that the main subject of this post, Tammy O. is also not a rocket scientist, figuratively speaking, of course. But definitely an exceptionally gifted hater.

So, dear Tammy, does the lady mentioned above remind you of somebody? I mean, aside of instilling some worries (fully warranted, I have to add) about the long arm of the Elders. Which will get to you everywhere, even in sunny California. The only question the Elders are preoccupied with now is: what the heck should that long arm do with you once it gets you...

I can tell you, Tammy, this question is a biggie. Because from all we can see, at your level of stupidity and venom production you are rather strengthening the Zionist cause. Which is, after all, everything we, the Elders, care about... so? Any ideas?

(*) Normally we don't provide links to hate sites here, so see it as an exception.


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Tammy Obeidallah said...

Sure it did...himself.  Ironic that such a staunch supporter of the Zionist state would deign to quote the Bible, albeit a watered-down translation. If you can't quote the KJV, skip it.

Tammy Obeidallah said...

What's the matter, Dan? Afraid to come to the phone? You talk like such a man on the Internet, surely you could pick up the phone :-D

Tammy Obeidallah said...

Awww see Danny, they couldn't leave your Bible quote up on this Christ-killers' blog. These are the people to whom you kiss up, Danny-boy. How does it feel to lie down with a bunch of anti-Christs? Anyway, Dan the hypocrite, if you had answered your phone, I was going to tell you that you forgot about "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor." You broke one of the Ten Commandments and you owe it to yourself to confess that.

As for the rest of the scum on this message board, it looks like you all got more than you bargained for and you've all shown your true color--yellow. From now on, be more careful whom you attack and the potential consequences. You all got off easy this time. Right now, looking at yourselves in the mirror every day knowing what coward pieces of subhuman garbage you are should be punishment enough.

Dick Stanley said...

Tell you what Tammy, why don't you just hop on a plane and get down to Hevron where you can really be a part of the rock-throwing intifada? You might even catch a rubber bullet and become a real martyr instead of a rhetorical one. I mean why waste your time with cheap insults when you could be putting your admittedly not very attractive but nevertheless ambulatory body on the line for the cause?

SnoopyTheGoon said...

No problems here, Dick. I think that by now Tammy presented herself in a quite exhausting manner, and her future presence is not strictly necessary. Time to wrap up the show.

Tammy Obeidallah said...

Dick, why do I have to hop a plane to Hebron when there are plenty of targets right here?  Why don't you stop barking in a chatroom and give me your real name and location? You, like Danny, will be breaking your neck to delete your own worthless posts on here. And Snoopy, don't start something you're not prepared or able to finish.

David All said...

Good-bye Tammy and don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

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