23 October 2009

Bill Maher on vaccination: we have to debate this...

The expression "above his(her) station in life" usually pisses me off due to its inherent fallacy of assuming some undefined but clearly existing limits to individual advancement and its self-satisfied sound, akin to a burp after a serious meal. Not that I am against a good burp, mind you.

But watching the unending parade of the big screen and small screen stars becoming instant gurus in politics, sociology, medicine, philosophy etc, I cannot help but wonder whether some delicate balance could be reached between the freedom of speech and the person's credentials and background that allow him/her to weigh in with his/her opinion on a subject that he/she deigns to comment upon*. Watch this:

I was especially touched by that "we have to debate this" passage. It would be interesting to know whom does Bill Maher include in that sweeping "we". Does he consider himself to be an expert in medicine in general and vaccination in particular?

Bill Maher is truly a person of many talents (one could even say that he is a pretty mixed up and confused character, but what do I know?). He is saying so much and so frequently that, like the proverbial clock, sometimes he shows the right time. In this case, however, he came out as an ignorant moron so full of himself that... oh well.

(*) If that sentence was too long for you, let's try a different approach: why don't some people shut the fuck up on subjects they know nothing about?

Via LGF.