16 June 2013

Snowden: right or wrong?

The results of the survey by Gallup would have been hilarious if they haven't been so sad.

First of all, it suddenly appears that most Republicans (who, by and large, supported the Patriot Act during Bush times), are against the PRISM surveillance program, while Democrats (who are supposed to be aghast by the purported breach of their right to privacy) are for PRISM. Guess why?

And, for the same (poorly hidden) reason, most Republicans approve the Snowden's act of disclosing a state secret, while most Democrats disapprove.

Gallup people don't leave that stone unturned, giving it straight:

The reactions to these types of government programs have remained constant over the past seven years, although Republicans and Democrats have essentially flipped their attitudes over that time period, reflecting the change from Republican President George W. Bush to Democratic President Barack Obama.
There is some food for thought in that for both sides, isn't there?

And here comes Dana Milbank of WaPo, a staunch supporter of the current administration, bemoaning the Democrats' flip on surveillance. Somewhat pathetic.


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Tyranny is tyranny, unless mainly your opponent is being gored by it, in which case you would tend to smile, at least inwardly.