31 March 2013

Pregnant Kim Kardashian is still being slightly annoying

A few (two or three) years ago I was living in a bliss of not knowing who exactly Kim Kardashian is - believe it or not. This state of nirvana couldn't continue for long, as I realize today. If you are surfing even for half an hour a day, and I usually (ehehe...) keep my fingers busy for more than that, an encounter with that name is inevitable.

So about two years ago or so I've been bothered enough to take a look at the relevant Wiki entry - yes, she has one, which couldn't be sad about many much more deserving people. Still even knowing who she is - one of that special kind of people defined as "socialite", which is to be read as ... oh well, let's leave it at that - even knowing that doesn't make stumbling on that name more annoying, so I usually skip to the next subject, my usual general annoyance level practically unchanged.

Today, however, while reading something in The Daily Beast (an occupation that sometimes bring some interesting morsels of information or opinion), I was confronted by a very annoying pop-up (bad, bad Beast!):

So annoying it was to me at the moment, that I have decided to jump to the article, titled, unsurprisingly Pregnant Kim Kardashian Is Being Fat-Shamed, and It Needs to Stop

The lede of the article, thankfully, gives you most of its contents:
The reality star has been ridiculed in the press for her pregnancy weight gain. Isabel Wilkinson on why it’s time to end the bullying—of Kardashian and other pregnant women.
The article shares with its readers some true points, such as:
  • This particular situation of fat-shaming because somebody is pregnant is really a form of bullying, and it is really, really hostile
  • Gaining weight is a natural consequence of pregnancy
  • Somehow, it’s become fair game to mock the challenges of pregnancy (I am less sure about that one, but if an expert says so...)
  • Her fashion is one thing, but the personal attacks are uncalled for
  • ...it’s something that many people deal with. It’s not to be made fun of.
Etc.  And that side-by-side comparison could be considered somewhat cruel indeed (but still funny and shows a good eye).

There is one slight problem with all the moralizing, as was amply demonstrated by that annoying pop-up. 99.999... % of the women in this world didn't choose the "profession" of "socialite". They don't enjoy and don't live off being the focus of attention of idle eyes, ears and brains of Joe the Public. They don't flaunt their dirty underwear and sordid scandals and don't enjoy the questionable kind of notoriety - which seems to be all that the "socialites" are about.

I don't have anything personal against Ms Kardashian, aside of her being a typical representative of a socialite. And I am not a prude and may it never be said that I will turn a blind eye to an interesting view. But: if you like them apples, you have to take them worms too, you know.

And do talk with The Daily Beast about removing them pop-ups, please.


SnoopyTheGoon said...

She is all they talk about at my beauty salon. I become catatonic as soon as they start in. I asked them why they care about her nonsense and they couldn't answer. They were bewildered.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Exactly. Had they known why the hysteria may have subsided. Or not, what do I know?