14 March 2013

Alexander Prokhanov and Gaza

Some time ago I have tried to get our readers acquainted with the phenomenon of a Stalinist throwback, one Alexander Prokhanov. While reading Norm's post on the latest ruminations of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, I noticed his reference to the Hamas' Western supporters and remembered an article penned by the said Prokhanov at the time of the events scrutinized by the Commissioner. While classifying Prokhanov as a Western person could be considered reaching somewhat, let's not nitpick: follows a (poor) translation of the article. Thankfully, no comments are required.

Once again, the Israeli bombers, the black dragons of death, dive on Gaza. Flattened by vacuum bombs twenty-stories buildings, crushing into a bloody mess the bodies of women, elderly and children. Bombs with heavy core punch through the high-rise buildings to the lowest floors, terrible explosions roar, turning whole city blocks into huge fireballs. Gaza, where I have so many friends, so many wonderful, courageous and spirited people, is tortured again. I am with you, my friends, in this hour of trouble. Even if there isn't an anti-aircraft missile launcher in my arms, I with hate in my eyes, with my deflecting will shoot down the bombers, begging God for the life of innocent people. I pray at the university's walls, where classes are held, throwing aside the death-carrying tornado of the aircraft, throwing them into the misty sea. I am standing in an young olive grove at the seedling I've planted during my stay in Gaza, covering it with my body from the the ultra-precision bombs.

I am going out on a fishing boat on the green waves where Israeli warships fire their machine guns and cannons. I charge my boat - not with explosives, but with my contempt and hatred, sending it to the warship and see how the dastardly ship is broken apart by my ram.

In the Orthodox Church, together with Bishop kneeling before the ancient icons and frescoes, I whisper: "Lord, punish the evildoers, turn against them these deadly explosions, these whirlwinds of shrapnel."

I help the surgeons at the operating tables, and am spattered by the blood of a wounded girl whose hands were cut off, and I am sharing with her my life force, my breath given to me by God.

From the studio of local television, with a young journalist under the roar of shells I am reporting, telling the world about the next crime.

I'm with you, Dr. Hania. I remember our meeting, your kindness, and how I've received from your hands a cup of hot tea. Let your composure, your mind, your courage serve the people of Gaza.

I am with you, courageous fighters of Hamas. I work together with you in the tunnels, dragging through the narrow corridors caissons and launchers' tubes wrapped in canvas.

I am with you, young men of Hamas. I remember how, at night, without lights, my car drove to the outskirts of Gaza to the restricted area, where the Israeli concrete wall stood. Their cameras and thermal imagers watched and pointed at us invisible guns.

In a yard of a one-story house I welcomed a group of fighters, their slender thin bodies, worn machine guns, their faces covered with kerchiefs, under which which their young eyes sparkled. Soldiers showed me their defensive lines, their mortars, their handmade anti-tank mines, which, if the invasion came, they will throw under the tracks of Israeli tanks. We embraced, and, raising our fists, shouted into the night, "Allah Akbar!"

My heart is with you, the young defenders of Gaza. If a ground operation starts and the "Merkava" tanks invade your borders, you'll beat them by the Cornet missiles, made in Russian Tula, as did your Lebanese brothers from Hezbollah.

Israeli special forces, invading Gaza, will enter the mine traps and the pitfalls. Through countless communication trenches and caves the militias with come at them and strike them in the back. Battle for Gaza will cost dearly the Israelis, who seized the land of Canaan once.

Do you hear me, my brother, Khaled Mashaal? Do you hear me, Dr. Hania? Israeli enemy will not pass! Victory will be ours! Long live Hamas! Long live Gaza!


SnoopyTheGoon said...

The "black dragons of death"? Now that's purple prose. Speaking of Stalinist throwbacks, what do think of this former Romanian guy: http://tinyurl.com/99wer6k

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Thanks for the link. Interesting article and, of course, a smashing clip with Ms Waters blurting out her wet dream...

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Thanks for the reminder that I skipped Stupid Maxine's latest peroration. It was priceless. Sounded liked a brain fart, but she was really trying to recover after blurting out the Democrat's actual, though usually hidden, intention. $5 gasoline, hell. If the feds take over the oil industry, $20 and rising will be the norm.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

And our local electric car startup seems to be continuously losing money.