25 April 2016

Lisa Goldman: stifled in NYT

The rather sad story of Lisa Goldman, the story about transformation of a pro-Israeli pupa with good reporter instincts into a full-fledged anti-Zionist butterfly, is of no special interest to me anymore. That the process included a thorough clean-up of her pre-transformation writings, like her On the Face blog, is rather telling, but alas...

What drew my attention to that name was a NYT sponsored discussion on the eternal dilemma:

Is Anti-Zionism Anti-Semitism?

Lisa Goldman has chosen to answer the debate question by avoiding it, penning a strange piece titled:

Anti-Zionists Thrive in Israel, Why Not in the U.S.?

Logic not being Lisa's strong point, instead of answering the question* asked, she plunged into a list of thriving Israeli anti-Zionists, a list of mostly despised people and political growths that include Dov Khenin, Hadash party, Matzpen and even, believe it or not, the Black Panthers (Israeli version of inverse racism model).

All this nonsense wouldn't have lead me to the keyboard, although there was a sentence that almost made me throw up in my mouth:
When Jews conflate criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism, they are stifling legitimate political expression.
First of all, the question asked wasn't about "criticism of Israel" but about anti-Zionism, which is again a crude attempt of avoidance. Then, notice the phenomenal "When Jews conflate criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism" - so what happens if non-Jews say the same - does it make them Jewish or what? And now, of course, the main barf-inducing point, that of "stifling legitimate political expression". Usually raised by all anti-Zionists from the very same platforms they claim to be barred from... Isn't that game becoming too stupid to continue?

Three glaring fallacies in one short statement... oy vey...

But... but even this wouldn't have forced me to pen this post, if I hadn't indulged in a few minutes of idle surfing. During which I have encountered this extraordinary statement:

I have listened to the interview in question. While I can't say that I respect Yair Lapid the politician or that his idea of separating from Palestinians is doable at the moment, I couldn't find the reason for the eruption of bile displayed above. Especially not for that "final solution" quip. Sorry, but on the other hand I am not an accomplished anti-Zionist.

What confused me even more was the subject used for that comparison, namely David Duke. Usually in the heat of political argument people use Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot in a pinch. But David Duke? Hmm... strange that. So, in an attempt to find out what does Lisa Naomi Goldman think about David Duke, I have surfed a bit more. Just a bit, but what a result! Two articles by Lisa Goldman linked from the said David Duke's site. I do not provide direct links to such Internet entities**, so look it up for yourself:



Mighty confusing, ain't it?

So there.

(*) Which question, if you ask me, is answered pretty exhaustively by my betters, for instance in the article Yes, Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism and many similar ones.

(**)To make sure that the linked articles don't suddenly disappear, as texts around our heroine tend to, I have uploaded below the relevant screen shots. The articles themselves appear very far from the David Duke's site masthead, but you can check the background, it is the same. Click on "Read more..." to see the images.