10 April 2016

Henry Makow, PhD: you have been had! (Service Announcement)

To those who might not know who Henry Makow, PhD, is:
Henry Makow, PhD (b. 1949) is what you get when you cross a men's rights activist with a paranoid conspiracy theorist. Makow believes the world is controlled by nefarious Judeo-Masonic/Satanic/Commie forces, spearheaded by the Rockefeller Foundation. He also believes that the aforementioned concocted feminism, so that women wouldn't have children, as part of depopulation efforts. His writings can be found on notorious websites Whale.to, Jesus-is-savior.com, and Alex Jones' PrisonPlanet.
In short: if you want to find a demented and with that famous in his chosen activity area character - look no farther. Oh, and he is Jewish, by the way.

To those who might not know about the Jewish Che Guevara affair, you are welcome to read that link. To give you a small taster:
One of the significant "achievements" of this here blog was to expose the surfers to the real - Jewish Che Guevara, a fact unknown to historians, politicians and the enormous crowd of indoctrinate, naive or simply stupid wearers of the T-shirt. The fact of Che Guevara's Judaic roots and related parts of his checkered bio will remain unknown to historians, due to a simple reason: it's all bullshit, of course.
Yes, and in this link you will find a partial list of respectable and less respectable people who took the bait and, as a result, took part in a series of lovely discussions of the Judaic roots of the late Mr Che Guevara, his Zionist beliefs and his return to the said roots.

But - almost 9 years have passed since the story was exposed to the lights and shadows of the 'net, and even the slowest and dimmest have learned the lesson about the consequences of blindly believing to any crapola that floats around.

Not so, apparently, Henry Makow, PhD. Who published a few days ago this post:

Click on the image to embiggen.
Effectively, Henry Makow, PhD copied most of the contents from this here blog, with references, of course, as appropriate among gentlemen, changing only the visual aids.

So yes, Henry Makow, PhD had joined the list of people who have been had, which tells enough about his beliefs, his treatment of information and a few other things which you could easily deduce. So: