06 April 2016

Cynthia McKinney, PhD, outs Mossad tracks to terror in Brussels

Cynthia McKinney, PhD and a Public Figure (whatever it means), one of my favorite shit-for-brains (ex-) politicos, has made a startling discovery recently on her Facebook page:

This explains the recent spate of suicides in Mossad headquarters, rest assured. And of course, these 85+ thousands of Ms McKinney's supporters contributed a lot to the further unmasking, unveiling, uncloaking and general bashing. If you care to look up that thread, so full of inanity wisdom.

What can I add but a bit of a conspiracy theory of my own? I was trying to look up the story of that PhD title near the name, and Wiki readily provided the info:
In 2015, she received a Ph.D. from Antioch University with a dissertation on Hugo Chávez.
It is well known that the above mentioned Hugo Chávez aka Comical Hugo croaked in 2013, so it is not the news about her PhD that done him in. Probably the rumors of her intention to write it were the last straw...

Update: Meanwhile, our Cynthia McKinney, PhD, is busily rehashing the Hezbollah's buzz:

"U.S. mercenaries Daesh" Cool...