19 December 2015

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach vs an RT anti-Zionist

For full disclosure: I am not one of the fans of the illustrious rabbi. However, in this case his opponent has clearly shown his bias with his first sentence about the alleged use of white phosphorus by IDF* and continued the interview using smelly quotes from some characters not worth mentioning, liberally mixed with half-truths. Rabbi Boteach has steamrolled the creep, and good for him and for us.

As I was given to understand, the Russian RT, the bastion of anti-Western propaganda and conspiracy theorists, decided not to air this episode at all, seeing as how it wasn't serving their interests, so kudos to the uploader.

The clip is about 15 minutes and worth your time.

(*) Of course, IDF didn't deny its use of phosphorus, for two reasons: a) it is not prohibited and b) it wasn't used against population. But what does a little RT mouthpiece care?