23 December 2012

The Guardian report on Christmas in Bethlehem

Another year, another Christmas. The survivors of the Mayan end of the days are blearily opening their eyes looking forward to some hearty celebrations of their survival. And, as every year, The Guardian produces its usual broadside on the precarious situation in the Zionist-controlled Bethlehem. This time, though, the editors have toned down the headline. Instead of the regular:If Jesus were to come this year, Bethlehem would be closed and its varieties, this time they have chosen an almost neutral No room at the inn – but Bethlehem's popularity is a boon for Palestinians. Almost, but not quite. After all, it has a whiff of a complaint, and an unprejudiced reader may want to ask why didn't the Zionists make sure there are enough rooms at the inn?

Unlike the last year article (and many preceding it) that was discussed here, this one starts on a somewhat positive note:

All of the West Bank city's 3,700 hotel rooms are likely to be filled, with thousands more visitors making day trips from nearby Jerusalem.

This year has seen a 20% growth in the numbers of visitors to Bethlehem compared with the previous year, and officials hope for a further rise in tourism to Palestine next year.
But don't feel cheated: the author, well known Harriet Sherwood, will not leave you in suspense for long:
But officials say the local tourist industry still faces huge hurdles as a result of Israel's continued occupation of the West Bank. Israel controls all entry to the West Bank.
Etc. So no worries, all is well, and the business is definitely as usual in the good ole Guardian. And you wouldn't find there any reference to the slight problem Christians (the remaining ones) are still experiencing in West Bank in general and in Bethlehem in particular:
The number of Christians in the West Bank is on the decline, and many speak of persecution by the Muslim majority, but always anonymously, fearing retribution.
Christians have even lost their majority in Bethlehem where more than two-thirds of the some 50,000 Palestinian residents are now Muslim.
Oh well, Merry Christmas, Harriet, and many happy rewrites!

Update: to make sure that Guardianistas are as vigilant as ever, Ms Sherwood added another, very long, piece on Bethlehem:

Bethlehem Christians feel the squeeze as Israeli settlements spread

And for sure she blames you know whom for the dropping number of Christians in the West Bank. Not even half a whisper about that other you know who...

P.S. And a great job by Elder of Ziyon, commenting on an incendiary propaganda video.


KatieNorcross said...

I understand that the Muslims are pushing the Christians out, blaming it on the Jews, and then will turn to Church of the Nativity into a mosque. They even "discovered" a "famous" Imam to say was buried there.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Correct, but the Jooz to be blamed anyway.

Noga said...

And here is how works:

Muslims hating Christians > Christian hating Muslims

Christians hating Jews > Christians hating Muslims
Muslims hating Jews > Muslims hating Christians


Christians hating Jews + Muslims hating Jews > Muslims hating Christians + Christians hating Muslims

David All said...

Yes, what would a lot of people do, if they did not have the Jews to blame all their problems on. Deity forbid, they might really have to do some serious thinking and discussion about their situations.

Dick Stanley said...

Not much lost, anyhow. Imagine trying to conjure the traditional Xmas myth in your imagination while standing in a traffic jam in downtown Bethlehem.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

An objective reader of this formulation will, of course, gather that another side of the triangle is missing. But anyway this is a pretty precise description of the other two.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Unfortunately, you are right, David.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Well, no need to. The Guardian lady does it for all of us. Every year, like a Swiss watch.