13 April 2008

Richard Falk - not all is lost, I say

This article in The New York Sun has made on me an impression which, in the end, appeared to be the opposite of what the author was trying to achieve.

So, we have a prominent (and Jooish to boot, if JP is to be believed) professor of law who is saying that we are Nazis reincarnated.

So our professor is a 911 Truther. Seeking the neocons behind the scenes (we all know who these insidious "neocons" are, don't we?).

So the learned professor thinks that the sun shines from the posterior of the late Ayatollah Khomeini.

So we have the UN Human Rights Council (which is in fact another sitting committee of OIC and should be by rights named IWC - Israeli Wrongs Council) that decided, quite logically, that professor Falk will be a worthy and admirable heir of South African professor John Dugard.

So some Israeli mandarins got their knickers seriously twisted by the mere idea that professor Falk will be an impartial observer of Israeli-Gazan relations and threatened to turn the learned observer back at the border.

All that was understandable and fine with me, but The New York Sun made one mistake - they published the professor's photograph and even asked me to click on it to enlarge (embiggen) it. And this is where their ploy self-destructed.

I invite you to click on the above too. Have you ever seen a finer portrait of a natural born boozer? My heart has immediately warmed up to him, I swear.

Let the man in, I say, and I shall be his host. We'll have a mighty fine time, I am more than sure of it, and I hope that we prefer the same tipple. But if not, I shall be an accommodating host anyway. I promise. We'll spend many an evening discussing the truth behind 911, the alien reptilians and their Illuminati buddies, the Elders never-ending quest, the Lennon's assassination by Stephen King, the kings, the walrus and the cabbage...

And we shall get to the bottom of it all, that is certain! Or, at least, to the bottom of each available bottle...

In related news: professor Falk got a competitor for the role of impartial UN rapporteur: Ahmadinejad denies al Qaeda’s 9/11 attack on America.


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