17 February 2008

The Buba of the Lemba

It is not a typo, this is what is said here* :

A British anthropologist arranged for genetic testing of members of the tribe, finding that 10% of Lemba men carry the kohen modal haplotype on their Y chromosomes. Even more impressive, the Lemba have a priestly clan whom they call the Buba. Fully 52% of Buba men who were tested bear that same marker of kohanic descent.
Oh well, at least it is not Bubba. It almost had me worried. A bit.

P.S. Here comes more material, and here are some pictures too.

P.P.S. I am concerned about my own modal haplotype, it seems to be rather weak lately...

(*) The link changed due to disappearance of the old JP link, the new one may not contain the same exact content, but is fairly close to it.