23 June 2019

Star light, star bright

This curious document from way back shows that the tentacles of you know who were never at rest.
The document is a part of Ukrainian KGB archives that survived destruction and are being published.
Donetsk region

On November 26, 1980 several customers in the department store #2, city of Shakhtersk* noticed that a fir tree** adornment toy "Comet" (made of glass in the form of a sphere) carries a depiction of a six-pointed star, identical to the Zionist symbol.

The toy is produced by the Terebovlyansk factory of fir tree toys (Ternopol region). The toys arrived to the department store (total of 800 items) on November 6 of this year. 600 of these were already sold to the population. The sale of the toys was suspended.

The investigation is carried out by UKGB*** of Ternopol region.The total number of toys produced and the shops that received them are being studied. The KGB offices of the regions were notified.
(*) A city in Donetsk region of Ukraine
(**) A Soviet euphemism for the Christmas tree.
(***) Ukrainian KGB

I couldn't find a photograph of the toy in question, so in lieu of one: