12 June 2019

MK Miki Zohar* and will of the people

The above mentioned is one of the chief brownnosers of our illustrious and legally haunted PM. It is not news, besides he is only one of many. However, his recent musings on the ongoing legal battle between Bibi and the justice system left a good part of the nation flabbergasted.
“The attorney general and the legal system will have to consider the election results, because the people are the sovereign,” Likud MK Miki Zohar** told Kan public radio. “The people determine the social norms.”

“Those who are responsible for Netanyahu’s legal fate are only the Israeli nation and Israeli citizens,” Zohar said. “If they come to the ballot station in a few months and again tell the attorney general, law enforcement systems, the left and the media that they want Netanyahu as their prime minister — with all due respect to everyone, he will remain their prime minister.”
I am not sure I have to comment on this too extensively. Just, as a side notion: this revolutionary idea, if expanded and fully implemented, will save uncounted billions that are going into support and maintenance of the legal system. No obscure and complicated law books, no judges, thus no lawyers, only the people who determine the social norms and thus the award and/or punishment for each of their fellow citizens.

Come to think of it, there is no need for the law enforcement too in this new world. Just volunteer citizen committees, equipped with rope, tar and feathers, as in the good old days.

Wow. Just wow.

On the other hand, that brief Knesset bio blurb says that the ideas man also chairs the Lobby for the Promotion of Sports and an Athletic Lifestyle. Should the Hon. MK focus solely on sport in the future?


(*) The one on the right in this picture. The hand is, apparently, obscuring his tongue to hide its color.

(**) This comes from a man with apparent knowledge of the law:
Makhlouf Miki Zohar ... holds a 'Bachelor of Laws' (LLB) degree from the College of Law and Business in Ramat-Gan and a Master of Laws (LLM) degree from Bar-Ilan University.